About Us

What we are today– a unique clothing store with shoes and accessories and fun employees who love their job– isn’t too different from how we started. Back in 1991, our owner Debra Mazur decided to take advantage of her intuitive take on fashion and savvy business sense to start her own store: Clothes Encounters of the Second Kind.

Though she was a big city girl from New York, she chose to open her first store on quaint little Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. Selling all vintage and used clothing-from corsets and top hats to elegant jewelry and silly sunglasses– Deb quickly made a name for herself and found a devout customer base. Two and a half years later she opened Counter Evolution just down the block, providing her customers with early vintage in one store and trendy retro in the other.

Finally, in 1999 Deb decided to sell more and more new clothing and found a perfect location up the same street at 16th and Pearl, just 1 block off of the pedestrian mall. It is here that we became Common Era, which is what we believe to be the most descriptive name for our store: clothes that represent the here and now– the best fashion at the best price! In fact, people loved our unique clothes and incredibly reasonable prices so much that in 2007 we opened up our Denver location on Platte street in the Highlands neighborhood.

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